Connectwise Agreement Updater

FAST UPDATES!!!  Cut down the amount of time required to do agreement addition updates by 75%

If you have agreement additions that need to be updated for long distance usage charges, offsite storage, AV quantities, managed print counts or any other changes, this tool will cut the time required to do those updates to about 25% of what it takes using the Connectwise interface. Instead of drilling into each Connectwise agreement, then into the agreement addition, you can simply edit all of the additions for a given agreement quickly using a spreadsheet-like interface.

Check out the video demonstration HERE

Version 5 allows for the loading of a parent agreement and all of its child agreements for quick editing of all fields including sequence numbers for invoice line item ordering.

This software communicates with Connectwise using the new Connectwise REST API. (Connectwise 2018.6 or later required).

Complete documentation for setup and operation is built directly into the software.  You can be up and running in 10 minutes or less!

Download the FREE 30 day trial by clicking HERE

The software is sold on an annual subscription basis at $149 per year.  You can purchase the subscription directly from the trial software.  The trial software is a functional version, only a few features are disabled.

Agmnt Updater


The agreement updater can:

  • modify any existing agreement addition quickly
  • expire or un-expire an agreement addition
  • modify certain fields of the agreement addition:
    • Quantity, Less Included, Price, Cost, Serial Number, Sequence Number, Long Description, Start Date and End Date.
  • Automatically re-sequence the order of agreement additions by (ascending or descending – for more organized invoices):
    • Effective Date, Part Number, Price, Cost, Agreement Name

The agreement updater cannot:

  • add a new agreement addition
  • delete an agreement addition.
  • Modify the agreement itself (name, notes, start/end date, billing info, coverage)


by Anexeon - a leader in Connectwise Integrations for MSPs

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