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Document Management System - Manage Your Files Electronically

Docsvault - The Affordable Business Document Management System

Docsvault Enterprise Edition is a future-ready Document Management Software that gives you an edge over your competitors by allowing you to make the best use of your data, resources and operations. It's an all-in-one package that goes beyond standard document management. it helps Improve collaboration between your team members, meet increasing customer demands, respond to internal and external changes better and ensure compliance with regulations.

It is available as Desktop and Online Document Management System, which makes it suitable for every kind of work environment. It is cloud-ready while still offering you full control of your data on your own servers onsite.

Why choose Docsvault?

  • With Docsvault you can :
  • Centralize your documents and digital files for easy access
  • Secure your documents through controlled user access
  • Comply with various regulations and retention policies
  • Convert all your paper files into digital searchable PDFs
  • Find documents and information instantly
  • Improve document workflow throughout local and remote offices
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs



Key Defining Advantages

  • Feature rich enterprise class Desktop and Online Document Management System
  • Cloud-ready while still on your own servers, so you are in full control of your data
  • Enhances collaboration among teams and eases sharing with associates outside your organization
  • Offers Version Control, Audit Trail, Auto backup etc. required for regulatory compliance
  • It is robust and flexible, making it suitable for any size or type of business
  • Docsvault is already a part of over 3000 organizations spread over 20 countries
  • Adopted by all industry segments including IT, Healthcare, Finance, legal, Construction, Public Sector, Manufacturing and more.
  • Easier-to-use and more budget-friendly compared to other OMS solutions



Key Defining Features

Easy document capture, profiling and management

Scan, import or capture paper and electronic documents, store them in predefined or customized folders and give them tags for easy retrieval and management

Fine-grained security

Apply security settings such as system-level rights, ‘Ownership Overrides’ and prevent unauthorized export of information from the system

Integrated scanning, OCR and searchable PDF

Scan paper documents and convert them to fully searchable PDF documents with OCR add-on

MS Office Integration

Edit documents from MS Office applications and save all important communication via Outlook for future reference and e-discovery

Windows Explorer Integration

Get instant access to Docsvault directly from any Windows desktop application that uses ‘File > Open/Save’ dialog

Watch folders / Collect folders

Automatically import documents from watch folders and local collect folders into Docsvault

Version control

Retain unlimited versions of documents and roll back to older version. Avoid loss of time and information resulting from multiple users over-writing each other’s version

Audit trail

Track activities and query audit logs using time, user or location criteria and keep tabs on all activities and changes

Workflow management and email alerts

Route and forward documents and receive notifications to track their progress. Subscribe to email alerts for any folder activity

Inbuilt PDF editor

Manipulate PDF documents by merging/splitting documents, adding/deleting text and images or add highlights, notes and custom stamps

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