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Anexeon Invests in Employee Training and Improving Service Offerings

November 20, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada - Earlier this week, Anexeon, a local leader in IT support services, returned from an intensive educational summit. The conference, which ran from November 8th through the 11th, was specifically designed for IT companies and included training workshops, breakout speeches and presentations, and recreational activities. Each year, IT companies and vendors from around the world descend on Orlando, FL, for the three-day event.

Attendees of this event met with the tremendous opportunity to network with over 2,000 IT professionals, from all parts of the world.  The Anexeon team expanded and honed skills and policies which, when implemented, will build on strengths and best practices. In addition, attendees were able to strengthen relationships with other IT companies. This exchanging of ideas and building of long-lasting professional relationships will benefit both their business and their customer bases.

"Building and maintaining good rapport with our vendors and partners gives us an important advantage when it comes to pricing, service, and conflict resolution," said CEONAME, CEO of Anexeon.  "Our team has returned from the conference with a wealth of new knowledge and the ability to implement it successfully."

The summit consisted of more than 90 breakout sessions, divided into 12 rounds. Content was focused on the executive, service, operations, finance, marketing and sales sectors of the IT business.  The keynote speeches included motivational speeches, which was an item of particular interest to Anexeon's management. The speeches exemplified innovative IT business ideas and inspiration for personal success.  The summit contained 11 keynote speakers which displayed expertise in achieving corporate success and operational efficiency but, also, gave insight into providing excellence in service to clients and partners.

The IT Nation Summit is the definitive conference for IT support providers. Anexeon will use enhancements of practice and policy to provide outstanding IT solutions to their clients and, ultimately, help them to conduct improved business.

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